al-Khwārizmī (𝛼)

al-Khwārizmī is free to use.

However, building and running al-Khwārizmī takes a significant amount of my time and energy. If you like al-Khwārizmī, would like more things like it in the future, and are able to do so, please support al-Khwārizmī.

Your contributions support:

  • Infrastructure (hosting, bandwidth, etc)
  • Time spent running al-Khwārizmī events
  • More future projects

You can support al-Khwārizmī via [PayPal], [Coinbase] or a direct [Bitcoin Cash] payment.

(Amounts under $1 barely reach me after fees and will not confer a badge. Please be patient; some transactions, especially using cryptocurrencies, can take an hour or two to complete.)